A New Direction

So, as you’ve probably noticed, this blog has pretty much fallen by the wayside.  Life happened, per usual, and since I’ve last posted, I’ve come back from England, gone to South Africa, graduated undergrad, and started my first year as a Stage Management MFA at the Yale School of Drama.  The last event is the most pertinent to this post.  Unsurprisingly, attending YSD means I am very, very busy.  But, in one of my classes, we discussed the importance of hobbies, and making art even if that type of art isn’t part of your particular discipline.  This idea, combined with a desire to keep honing my creative writing skills, has led to my decision to take this blog in a new direction.  Starting today, I’ll post a poem or other short piece of creative writing on this blog once a week.  (At least, that’s the goal.)  Sometimes, I may include a bit of explanation along with the work.  Others, I won’t.  Hope you enjoy!

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