Theatre Once Again Took Over My Life And It’s Great

We’ve officially hit Week 3 of classes, and I’ve (finally) started to figure out my schedule.  I’ve discovered during this Great England Adventure that I do so much better with a consistent schedule, even if it’s a self-imposed one.  Otherwise, I’ll spend my time procrastinating.  This past weekend we closed the first of the three shows I’m participating in this semester, The Wonderful World of Dissocia.  I was ASMing, and had so much fun.  The show itself is sort of a twisted, dark Alice in Wonderland, (at least in Act 1), so the set and props were wild.  Every day during intermission we has to clean up confetti, silly string, and hot dogs, if that tells you anything.  I also ended up onstage opening umbrellas full of talcum powder to symbolize bombs.  Which leads to one of my major difficulties during this show – remembering how to pronounce balaclava (what I would call a ski mask.  This also led to a discussion about the differences in American and British accents, where I learned the horrible fact that the British pronounce the letter ‘z’ as zed.  Why?!!)  It was a great show, and I got to work with a bunch of really nice, really talented people. (Which is all you really want in the end.)  I’ll miss getting to work on the show, but I’m not going to miss the smell of stale mustard.

However, it’s not like I’m suddenly without theatre in my life.  The day after Dissocia closed, I threw myself immediately into rehearsal for A Midsummer’s Night Dream.  It’s been close to four years since I’ve acted in a show and I forgot how fun it can be.  Especially when you’re doing a comedy.  We’ll be putting the show on the last week of term and I’m already excited about getting to show it to people.  I’m actually getting to do Shakespeare!  And with (once again) wonderful, talented people!  Eeek!

And if that isn’t enough, this week I cast my show Hello, Stranger, the original piece I’ve both written and am directing.  I’m so excited to direct again and about the fact that I get to see my writing brought to life. (Also nervous.)  Really, I’m just generally excited about theatre right now, which is nice.  I feel much more involved this semester than I was last semester.  I’ll be busy, but I like busy.  As we earlier established, I do better with some kind of schedule.  I’ve already started obsessively updating and organizing my calendar.  This semester’s off to a great start.

4 thoughts on “Theatre Once Again Took Over My Life And It’s Great

  1. Judy Honeycutt

    Don’t let them cast you as Bottom! The chink in the wall could work since you probably wouldn’t have to fake an English accent. Put on your jumper and balaclava and stay warm!


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